No JAD 3.0, no forum, no cry.

Hi there,

I can't sponsor the server anymore because I'm running out of money.

Plus I have no time for this Linux hobby anymore. And we have no developers anymore.

What does it mean?

-The jacklab forum will be closed

-The SVN will be closed

-The jacklab repo will be closed

-No further development of an openSUSE based audio distribution by me and my friends

But openSUSE still running ;)

Packman and suser jengelh offers audio software and a

rt-kernel in their repositories, the wiki is already immigrated to The wineasio source is already maintained by Peter L Jones

and now at sourceforge. The only thing that will be missing is / the wineasio support forum.

I hope the opensuse community is strong enough to make a pro audio forum

in the opensuse forums. A new WineAsio support forum could be sponsored

by commercial vendors which using wineasio in their products.

The great infrastructure of the opensuse community allow every member, to make new remixes of the opensuse distro the easy way with

Thank you people for sympathetic.

Thanks to all friends supporting this project a long time

Michael Bohle (metasymbol)